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Counseling Education Scholarships To Apply For In 2018

Pursuing a counseling degree can lead to a career that will support and challenge those you work with; however, paying for college to get such a degree can be a difficult thing. Here are 15 scholarships for those considering a future in various types of counseling. Especially PHD on counseling Education

1. Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship: For graduate students whose counseling focus centers on working with those managing the stigma of mental illness. The award is $5,000 and candidates must apply through the American Psychological Association (APA).

2. C. Esco Obermann Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Scholarship: Offered through Minnesota State University, this scholarship provides $10,000 for students who wish to pursue counseling in the field of rehabilitation.

3. Arizona School Counselors Association Scholarship: This $1,000 award is offered for graduate students pursuing school counseling as a career. The intended student must be an Arizona resident.

4. Rehabilitation Services Administration Scholars Program: Scholarship for students in Georgia seeking to pursue careers in vocational rehabilitation counseling. The program covers tuition, fees, books, and transportation for those who promise to work in a rehabilitation counseling setting.

5. American School Counselor Foundation Scholarship: This award for $1,000 is for those pursuing master’s degrees in counseling specifically related to school counseling.

6. Counseling.org: Student members of the American Counseling Association may apply for scholarships to pursue advanced education. Eligible students must be members and complete a personal essay.

7. Charles M. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Award: A scholarship for a student pursuing counseling studies in Pennsylvania. The student must demonstrate financial need.

8. Master’s Degree Scholarship in Psychology and Counseling: This $500 scholarship is designed to support students who are pursuing master’s degrees in the areas of marriage and family therapy, clinical psychology, or community counseling. Eligibility is based on academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

9. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program: This scholarship provides funding for tuition and fees for female applicants who are survivors of domestic abuse. Candidates must be pursuing studies in the field of domestic violence.

10. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund: Open to students of Hispanic descent who plan to enroll for full- or part-time study. Eligible students must be pursuing their first degree and enrollment in a variety of disciplines, including counseling is available.

11. AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program: This scholarship provides financial support as well as opportunities for training for those pursuing degrees in marriage and family therapy. Preference is given for those who seek to work with underserved populations.

12. Martin-Thacker Scholarship Fund: This award is intended for graduate students pursuing an education in rehabilitation counseling. Recipients must commit to working with developmentally disabled adults after graduation.

13. Guggenheim Foundation: This organization awards up to $15,000 for doctoral students who are preparing their dissertations. Those pursuing subjects related to violence or aggression are encouraged to apply.

14. National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc.: Scholarships awarded to graduate students pursuing work with children, specificially within the areas of counseling and mental health.

15. Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who intend to study marriage and family therapy. Award winners receive $4,000 and must demonstrate financial need.

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